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Dakota Muscle Relief 3 oz. Roll-on

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Product Description

Dakota Muscle Relief Roll-on will do everything our spray will do but is easier to use on the low back or feet. The 1" roll-on ball allows more control and concentration of the product where you need it. Shake well before use. All natural pain relief. Do not rub. The longer it sits, the deeper it gets. Made in the USA! Free Shipping!

Warranty Information

90 days from date of sale.

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Product Reviews

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  1. No Restful Sleep Without LaShe!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Feb 2018

    Started using LaShe over 3 yrs ago....bought on vacation in Mackinac Mi. There for wedding...did lots of walking...both hubby & I....dreaded 3-4 hr drive home...bad hip & knee. Store owner recommended. Bought one...put it on then & there ( we were wearing shorts...it was summer...no pervs act, lol)... got home...kept using....ordered, I believe 10.... gave some to our adult kids & couple of good friends. Have ordered ever since...usually 10-12 @ a time. Have to tell you....it is a MIRACLE for my sinus issues, too. Use it every night, take on trips, sinus issues, head colds...and Grandsons 'Stinky Feet'.... yes, I have the Smelly Foot Spray', too. You guys are WINNERS!!! We virtually stopped NASTY Ibuprofen, thanks to this natural goodie!! Bless your hearts!!

  2. Helps with many issue 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Sep 2017

    I bought this for my spouse to use on his back. It is really 'guy friendly' because it has a large roller bar and covers more area in one rub. I recently had a little tag removed from the top of my ear. It has healed but is still tender. So a few days ago I started rolling away with Muscle Relief. Wow. It's not tender anymore!

  3. A new addition 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Sep 2017

    Just got the roll-on to try and it is every bit as effective as the spray with the addition of being a bit more controlled in applying it. Love this too

  4. WOW!!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Jan 2017

    Order by the dozen, hubby & I are early 60's....now have our 3 adult kids, two of our grandkids kids ( / sports strains & stuffy noses) Mother in law whose 81 & rides long distances to visit family. And son in law who drives Lind distances, flies internationally & works out. Daughter with 'hinky' back. Look back on our order history, says it all. Oh, btw....OUTSTANDING for sinus aches & chest colds!!!!! Excellent!!! My family, for centuries, being Southern & Native prefer natural healing as possible.

  5. Love my Dakota muscle relief 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Aug 2016

    I bought my first roll on while on vacation because I was hurting! I was sceptical but my husband told me it was worth a try. I'm so glad I did- I love it! I was hit head on by a semi and hurt alot in several places!! This product is great -I have never had anything work as good as this! I ordered more so I don't run out. Everyone who comes to my house with an ache leaves feeling better!

  6. Not as strong as the spray 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Sep 2015

    The spray is much colder on contact and seems to penetrate more, and lasts much longer. I prefer the spray.

  7. Can't Function Painfree Without Dakota Muscle Relief!!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th May 2015

    Bought 2 roll ons last summer in a shop in Mackinaw City, Mi....my husband & I are 60 & 61 & had attended a wedding there. Had 3 1/2 drive home & we we 'achy' from the wedding :) A young store employee recommended the LaShe...long story short....we order anywhere from 6 -10 roll on bottles....covers 'larger' areas.... My husband just had me order 10 roll ons last week...he panics if down to 3 containers, lolAPPEARED IN 3 days VIA UPS, I believe...it was on my porch. Side note....got Smelly Shoe Spray for my 10 yr old twin athletic Grandkids ....a GODSEND!!! Highly recommend ANY of Dakota LaShe products!!!! Loyal & grateful clients....especially since we drive/ fly & just wake up achy at our age...and we STILL WORK!!!

  8. Waking Up Without Soreness & Stiffness!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Jan 2015

    Became 'introduced' to this amazing product while on a weedend trip to a wedding. Much walking & dancing done & we did not pack outr 'usual' topicals for our 60 year old muscle pains. Went into the general store to get some thing for the 4 hr drive home....gentleman at the counter told us about the Dakota Muscle Relief....roll on,....well, we purchased it, put it on in the car..knees, shoulders, neck ( it was summer & we were wearing shorts & tees) ...INSTANT relief!!!! We felt so good by the time we reached home, I got on the website & ordered MULTIPLE roll- ons!!! Gave some to my kids & a couple of elderly family members. Ordered MORE!!! Have a drawer well stocked with this great product so we NEVER run short. My daughter uses it for her Migraines & we also found it's an awesome treatment for bee stings, as well!!!

  9. Fantastic Pain Relief 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Oct 2014

    This is the best pain relief I have ever used. Has not failed me yet.

  10. Awake without sore & stiff joints & muscles!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Sep 2014

    Spent weekend on Mackinac Island in August. Both my husband & I are 60.., in decent health, but for that nagging Arthritis & muscle aches & stiffness. After dancing at the wedding & much walking, the morning after was 'rough', lol. Forgot to pack our regular 'potion'....went to a local store in Mackinaw a City & was ready to purchase name brand muscle rub....knowledgeable clerk highly recommended LaShe..said she used it at lthe end of a long work day. Well, we bought 2 roll ones ( a HUGE BONUS ) for us...so easy to apply to target areas!!! Have ordered many products since!!! Our 'go to' healing product for aches, pains, strains & btwn.....AWESOME for sinus/allergy headaches if applied to the temples!!!! Bless you all!!!! Great product!!! Sorry, I'm long winded when I'm enthusiastic :)

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